What We Do At Metro Medical

We are a leading industry provider of durable medical equipment. With many years of experience in the medical industry, we provide our patients with the most advanced equipment for post-operative treatment. We recognize that after a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, the recovery phase is just as important in the outcome of the surgery itself. By providing door to door service, Metro Medical ensures that all patients are taken care of on a personal level. We are committed and care about the well being of our clients and patients. We are here to serve you!

Our Process -

  • We will call the patient and schedule a convenient time for delivery of Orthopedic equipment
  • We will review the system and its functions with the patient, family members, and hospital staff
  • We will follow up with patient after surgery
  • We are available if the patient has any questions or concerns
  • We will call and schedule a pick up of the unit when treatment is complete